Chef Roberto Alcocer
JUL 12, 2017

Roberto is an integral member of an outstanding group of young Mexican chefs in Baja.

He is the owner of Malva Restaurant, which won Best New Restaurant in Baja for 2014. Located in San Antonio de las Minas, just 10 minutes from Ensenada, he ranches sheep, goats and game birds beside his garden and orchard, bringing together farm-to- table ingredients to create some of the best cuisine in Ensenada.

In this way, the Chef conceptualized a new style of Baja cuisine created with dynamic, evolutionary and purposeful processes, and blending traditional and contemporary styles.

Robert studied in France and has won two Michelin stars. But with his Mexican roots, Chef Alcocer's kitchen today offers unique techniques and ingredients that remind us of where we are yet illustrate where Baja cuisine is heading.

For Robert, service is just as important as the food, so he also studied in Belgium, perfecting that art. It is quite common today to find him in the dining room of Malva, visiting with clients and friends, then jumping back into the kitchen to start a new dish. Cherishing the intimacy of his restaurant, he says, "It’s the best to have a small location that’s easy to attend to!”

JUL 12, 2017
Chef Roberto Alcocer
Es integrante del grupo de jóvenes cocineros mexicanos más sobresalientes de la Baja. [More]
JUL 07, 2017
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